• Clyraguard Disinfecting Personal Protection Spray
  • FDA Registered
  • Medical Grade
  • No Known Microbial Resistance
  • 100 times less bacteria than hand sanitizer*

Product Information and Datasheet

Product Description

Clyraguard Personal Protection Spray is a disinfectant and germicide intended to clean and decontaminate noncritical medical devices such as masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE).

Clyraguard Personal Protection Spray may also be used to preclean critical medical devices prior to sterilization.

Directions for Use

Apply the Clyraguard Personal Protection Spray directly onto mask or other personal protective equipment (PPE) until full coverage is achieved. Repeat as needed. No rinsing or dilution required.

Handling: Safe on skin*. Non-irritating, non-toxic, and non-sensitizing*. No special handling precautions required.
Warning: For external use only. Not for injection or ophthalmic use. If you have a known sensitivity to iodine, do not use product.
Storage Conditions: Store at 15 - 30 degrees Celcius. Avoid excessive heat.
Disposal: No special disposal considerations are required.
Ingredients: Copper - iodine complex
Further information: For additional information or reporting of adverse events please contact customer service at cs@clyramedical.com or call (239) 206-1213. ​

Manufactured in the US for: Clyra Medical Technologies, Inc. 4830 West Kennedy Blvd Suite 600 Tampa, FL 33609 (239) 206-1213

Clyraguard BioGlove Active
Active ingredient Copper Iodine complex platform BAK (0.13%), Polyhexanide (1.3%) and Triethoxysilypropyl steardimonium chloride (1.0-2.5%) Hypochlorous acid, HOCl (0.01%)
Registrations FDA – Class 1 Device Hand Sanitizer OTC
Surface Spray EPA
No registration
Indications Additional protection against viruses, bacteria and fungi by application onto personal protective equipment (PPE), e.g. masks Hand sanitizer not for surfaces/PPE and Surface spray – not safe for skin Claim hand and face cleansing solution for minor skin lacerations, irritations, abrasions, etc. but no approved indication
Antimicrobial efficacy >5 log reduction >4 log reduction No information available
Effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 Yes - complete inactivation Not tested against SARS-CoV-2. Tested for other viruses and inferred No information available
Benefits/Limitations Can be used on PPE in situ. Long lasting (+ 3 days) antimicrobial effectiveness with >5 log reduction No known antimicrobial resistance. Anti-odor, colorless and odorless Hand sanitizer only Long lasting antimicrobial (12 hours) effectiveness with 4 log reduction. Efficacy lasts up to 10 hand washings No supporting data or registrations available Very Short antimicrobial duration (seconds to few minutes)
Safety Safe for skin and wounds: non-irritating, non-toxic and non-sensitizing. Tested under ISO 10993 standards Non-toxic to skin in repeated or prolonged exposure Dermatologist tested for irritation No testing under ISO 10993 standards reported Claim to be safe to use around the mouth, nose, ears, and eyes. No testing/supporting data available No testing under ISO 10993 standards reported
Sizes 2oz and 4oz spray bottle. Also available in 1 gallon square container. 2oz spray bottles. Also available in 32 oz square container. 4oz hydrogel spray

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